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HELLO and WELCOME to www.connecttrades.com ABOUT US page.

What does ConnectTrades Do?

"ConnectTrades" is a Business Directory.

Connecting Residential and Commercial Services and Products to the Home/Business owner. 

Who needs ConnectTrades?

Homeowners, Business owners, local Service Providers, Contractors, Employers, and Job Seekers.

Why ConnectTrades?

"ConnectTrades" is THE business to help YOU to CONNECT to LOCAL Professionals, If YOU are a Homeowner or a Business owner searching for a LOCAL Service or a Product then YOU will find it on "ConnectTrades.com" www.connecttrades.com

"How it works"


We at Connect Trades THANK YOU for taking time to visit our Web Page and we hope that while you are here you will have a great experience finding what you NEED.